Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a modern highly effective treatment for  certain types of  pre-cancerous lesions as well as non-melanoma cancers.

PDT uses a chemical interaction between light and a light activated cream which leads to the to the tumour cells being destroyed. This is achieved through the use of a ‘red light’ and cream which is applied to the lesion for 3 hours. The light and the cream combine to target the lesion cells only , leaving the healthy skin unharmed.. The light and the cream on their own would be totally ineffective, it is only when used in combination that the treatments work. The procedure is particularly good for the use on lesions that appear above the neck line as generally no scars are left after treatment.

PDT is an outpatient procedure, and will be done by your doctor or nurse. It takes several hours to complete.

  1. The cream will be applied to the lesion. If the Doctor or Nurse feels it is necessary any loose scale or crusts will be removed.
  2. A dressing will be applied to allow the cream to absorb into the damaged cells.  At this point your will be asked to leave and return in 3 hours.
  3. On your return the cream will be wiped off and the area cleaned. The bright coloured light is then shone onto the treatment area for approximately 10 to 45 minutes (the precise time will be determined by your doctor or nurse depending on the light source).
  4. After the treatment has been completed, a dressing will be applied for a minimum of 2 days, to prevent any further exposure to light.

Please read our patient information sheet for Questions and Answers regarding this treatment.

If you have any further queries our staff our always on hand to answer, so please do call us.