Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can vary in size from just a few mm’s to a few cm’s wide. They are most commonly found around the neck, armpits, groin or breast area. They can also be found on eye-lids. It is estimated that half the population will experience having a skin tag at some point, so they are extremely common. For those visiting their GP regarding skin tags they will have found  they can not be treated on the NHS as the treatment is regarded as a cosmetic procedure. Private treatment is an option for those who wish to have them removed, and we have had hundreds of customers who are extremely happy with their treatment. Self removal can be dangerous, so we would always recommend seeing a qualified  skin specialist.

Our professional experts can remove skin-tags in a quick surgical procedure with relative ease. They would be able to perform your consultation and treatment in one visit using a surgical excision. All three of our clinics  based in Sussex (WorthingBrighton and Hove) offer skin tag removal.  More information about the procedure can be found below, but if you would like to book an appointment or if you have any further questions then please Contact Us to speak to a member of our team.


How long does it take for the skin to heal following treatment?

Typically, healing takes 2-10 days. It is better to keep the skin moist with Vaseline or moisturiser during this time. The areas should also be cleaned 1-2 times daily. Make-up can be safely worn 24-hours after surgery. Occasionally, we advise application of a mild topical steroid cream.

What are the side-effects and long-term results following shave excision?

Up to 5% may regrow and may require further surgery longer-term. We are always happy to review patients if they have any concerns post-treatment.

What after-care is needed?

Generally, very little after care is needed.

How much does it cost?

The costs vary according to the number of skin-tags being removed.  We specialise in the treatment of patients with mutliple lesions and offer extremely competitive rates compared to private hospitals.

Visit our Prices page for more information.

How safe is it to remove skin-tags?

The specialist team at the clinic are highly trained in skin surgery and all perform surgical procedures on the face and body on a regular basis. So the procedure is extremely safe.